Igor anatolievich Pliusnin

Co-organiser & Project Deputy Director IMACE 2009

Division Director of the Sphere Centre for New Technologies

Head of the International Programmes Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg

Mr. Igor Pliusnin has graduated in History, Old Languages and Culture from Leningrad State University.
He obtained his first Diving License from the DOSAAF Leningrad Divers' Courses in the 1980's. He later underwent professional diver's training at St. Petersburg Marine School and qualified also as a CMAS Instructor.

He took part in archaeological excavations in Pendjikent, the capital of the ancient Sogd Kingdom (Tadjikistan), and in Adygea (Western Caucasus). He participated in underwater rescue operations in the Neva and in underwater archaeological expeditions in the Baltic and the Caspian Seas as well as in other scientific and cultural projects.

In 1994 he headed the Aurora Russian and Swedish Marine Archaeological Expedition in the Gulf of Finland, which discovered and explored the wreck of the "Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte", a 62 cannon battleship belonging to the Swedish Navy and built by the famous F.H.Chapman in 1788.

She sank in 1790 during the Sea Battle of Viborg, between the Russian and the Swedish Navies and is still remaining one of the biggest and most interesting historical wrecks in the Russian waters of the Baltic.

He believes that: "In addition to the scientific research we are expected to carry out and the results we are hoping to obtain, the expedition brings us to new frontiers, and provides us with a chance to concentrate on particular phenomena and can have an impact on your personal understanding of our amazingly varied and beautiful world, on your personal quest for Knowledge and Harmony".

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