Philosophy of Acarsa

Discoveries, encounters, culture and history: this is what ACARSA offers you when you personally take part in our Expeditions.

Our Scientific Expeditions are prepared by experienced scientists. By joining an expedition, you will be able to live an exceptional adventure, while taking an active part in scientific research, and to discover all the beauty of remote areas.

You do not need to be a specialist or to be an athlete to join us. Maybe you will have to learn to increase your capacity to adapt and to cope with extreme weather or sea conditions or any other unexpected event. Your desire to walk along the paths of the first explorers and your thirst for knowledge about the wonders of our universe will act as a trigger to your inner strength.

If you want to join us in our Scientific Expeditions, you need to have a deep sense of respect for NATURE. This is the fundamental and vital requirement to preserve the splendours of our marvellous blue planet.

Milko Vuille
Founder of ACARSA
Scientific Expeditions