About us

Milko Vuille, Managing Director of ACARSA, and Igor Pliusnin, Head of International Programmes Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg and Director of the Aquacosmos Division of the Sphere Centre for New Technologies, met in the historical building of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2003, during the celebrations of the third centenary of the city of St. Petersburg.

Their common lively interest in underwater activities, history of exploration of Polar Regions, concern for Nature and cultural heritage of the North as well as the scientific potential of the Academy in Saint Petersburg were the reasons why they decided to combine their efforts and organize Scientific Expeditions for everyone who shares their passions.

ACARSA has since then decided to specialize in Expeditions located in Russia, the biggest territory in the world and the country with the largest sea shore.

Russia's incredible variety of landscapes and the richness of its flora and fauna have made this country a legend. Russia's culture, her historical past and amazing sceneries deserve to be discovered over and over again. This Programme will be developing in the course of time and will gradually include new subjects and destinations.

Do visit our website frequently in order to register and to secure a place in one of our expeditions.

ACARSA is open to new ideas anytime and can create special programmes for individuals or groups. Please feel free to contact us so that we can make your dreams and passions come true.