Petr Vladimirovich Boyarsky

Head of Expedition IMACE 2009

Co-organiser & Scientific Supervisor

Boyarsky Petr Vladimirovich was born on April 21, 1943 in Moscow.

In 1966 he was admitted to Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering majoring in "Physicist-Experimentalist" specialty. Worked at neutron accelerators and nuclear reactors, then was engaged in history and philosophy of development of natural sciences.

Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor, Honorary Polar Explorer, Physicist, Geographer, Archaeologist, Historian studying the development of the Arctic, Member of the Russian Writers Union.

Founder of Marine Arctic Complex Expedition (MACE) in 1986, Head and Scientific Supervisor of its annual field research, President of the Polar Research Foundation, Deputy Director for science of the Russian Scientific Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S.Likhachev, Editor-in-Chief of the Company "European Editions - Paulsen" publishing scientific and popular scientific books on geography, nature and history of development of the polar region.

Russia's Representative at the International Polar Heritage Committee (IPHC) within ICOMOS.

Member of the Presidium of Regional Public Organization "Moscow Union of the Novaya Zemlya People" (explorers of the Novaya Zemlya polar Archipelago and veterans of nuclear weapon testing therein).

Winner of "Henry Ford's European Award" for study and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago.

Since 1986 he has annually supervised complex field research of the cultural and natural heritage in the Archipelagoes of Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, Severnaya Zemlya, Solovetskiy and also in Vaigach, Kolguev, Dolgy, Vize and other polar islands in Barents and Kara Seas, on the coast of Taimyr Peninsula, in the Bolshezemelskaya (Big Land) and Malozemelskaya (Small Land) Tundra.

Head and supervisor of the two international Russian-Netherlands polar expeditions and the two Russian-American polar expeditions.

Author of four scientific monographs and over 150 scientific articles.

Coach and referee of Republican Category in equestrian sport.

Holder of governmental and public awards.

The Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage

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